We focus on the responses of microbial communities, and the processes mediated by these communities, to environmental change—including climate change, ocean acidification, ocean deoxygenation, and atmospheric nitrogen deposition.  Our research sits at the interface of microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, and global change science, and combines molecular techniques with biogeochemical approaches to understand the interplay between microbial community structure and function.  We work in the open ocean, reefs, estuaries, marine lakes, and mountain lakes; we are constantly exploring new ideas; and we are continually developing new projects and collaborations.  Feel free to contact us.  Our current major projects examine:

Dimensions of Biodiversity in marine lakes of Palau and Indonesia

NSF CAREER: Effects of ocean deoxygenation on aerobic processes in eastern tropical North Pacific (ETNP)

Marine archaeal roles in nitrification

Microbial ecology and biogeochemistry in high-elevation lakes of Yosemite 

Effects of ocean acidification on nitrification

Autonomous and remote sensing and sampling

Photo taken by Jesse Wilson during fieldwork in Palau in 2011

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